Bosch eBike Battery Guide


As a fully trained and up to date Bosch eBike technician I have access to the Bosch eBike Systems Diagnostics. It is a clever piece of software that plugs directly into the bicycle via the headunit. This powerful software gives me insight into how and where you ride your bicycle, it also tells us how your have been treating the bike (for example battery temperatures and protected modes when it has gone outside of useful temperature ranges). More recently the system diagnostics have given access to a graph showing the percentage of use of different power modes. Awesome I know!

More Power

That’s right…. MORE POWER! Some of the software updates can increase the motor’s torque or overall power output.

Software Updates are included in ALL eBike Services worth £36

If you did not buy your bicycle from us we may charge you for updating your eBike software. Contact us for details. Tel 01273596368.

Fully equipped workshop for Bosch Electric Bike Repairs

We have been servicing and repairing eBikes since 1996 so we are well versed in dealing with Electric Bike Systems. We hold a huge selection of Genuine Bosch eBike Replacement Parts and have direct access to Magura Bosch systems Germany for sourcing parts we are out of stock of. We strive to have the items in stock at all times as we usually turn around our eBike services with Bosch systems either same day or the following day. Call us for current workshop turnaround times. Tel 01273 596368 7 Days a Week. We have ample FREE parking and are open 9am til 2pm.

Print outs of eBike Diagnostics from Bosch

As part of a Full eBike Service you can request a print out of the diagnostics systems from Bosch. This can be a handy piece of information when reselling a bike or just for your own personal records. Interesting information like Battery Capacity state and number of full charge cycles are shown. On some systems we can also show you your individual usage of the power systems like the graph shown below.

How often should I service my Bosch eBike?

We recommend every 3 months if used daily or 6 months if less regularly used. Your Bosch eBike will potentially be kicking out 3 times more power than you put in. That is 4 times usage on a bicycle chain, cogs, etc. Not to mention the increased use of your brakes (because you will often be travelling faster than those on a normal bicycle). This is one reason you should bring the bicycle in for regular servicing. As a rule of thumb a brand new Bosch eBike should be serviced after assembly from new (and re-serviced if it is courier shipped). It should then be serviced within 12 weeks of first purchase to check for stretched or bedded in items and to retighten anything that may have worked loose in the initial bedding in period. Then we would recommend servicing every 6 months depending on use.

This will also give us a chance to load the latest software updates as they are made available by Bosch Ebike Systems and to keep your Bosch Battery, Motor and Headunit in the manufacturers 2 year Warranty against defective manufacture.

How can I book my Bosch eBike in for a Service or Software Update?

Call us 7 Days a Week Tel 01273 596368 9am till 2pm

We have Aftercare Service plans available even if you purchased elsewhere, and will endeavour to accommodate your individual needs.


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